You can never start reading to your kids too soon! The early years are critical for developing a lifelong love of reading. Don’t just leave the reading lessons up to the teacher at school and be sure you get involved. Feel free to try out some of these simple tips to help your kids build a strong relationship with reading.
1. Be a role model – Your kids need to see that you read regularly and they will soon want to follow suit. Not only do your kids look up to you but they are also learning from your daily habits. Make it a regular activity to read in front of your kids and emphasize its importance.
2. Don’t get ahead – Most likely your kids are not going to enjoy any difficult content and keep in mind that preschool isn’t high school and elementary school is not college. Keep the subjects simple and playful at first, you want your kids to love story time and thoroughly enjoy it.
3. Keep Reading – It is super important to start reading when your kids are babies and to continue with regular reading activities throughout their childhood, even if they seem like a better reader than you!
4. Stay Involved – As a parent, you should know what happens at school and in your child’s classroom. Get involved with their assignments and support them when they need help, but don’t let them trick you into doing their work for them!
5. Give Praise – Parents need to show how much they appreciate the hard work and dedication their kids have put in. Let your kids know if they are a rockstar, and remember to praise specifically, they will know if it is not sincere!
6. Allow & Encourage Mistakes – As adults, we know that our mistakes are some of the best learning opportunities. Allowing your kids to work through their problems themselves will boost their self-esteem and help establish all sorts of wonderful connections in their brain, making them better problem solvers later in life.

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